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At AM1 we know how important it is for you to have a hairstyle that is tailored to you and your lifestyle. Put your hair in the hands of professional experience and hold your head up high with perfect tresses.

For Anthony Whinn, who’s been at the cutting edge of the hairdressing industry for three decades, style is just as important as fashion. Anthony’s passion for hairdressing is unrivalled and he is equally passionate about his new business, AM1. Combining his years of industry experience and worldwide recognition, Anthony has established himself as one of the leading hairdressers in the North West. AM1 encompasses this experience and wisdom to provide the highest quality service to every client, every time.

Since the age of 14 Anthony has lived and breathed hairdressing and as a result boasts a glittering portfolio. Click here to view Anthony’s timeline portfolio and visual CV.

To me, great hairdressing starts when you develop a good relationship with your clientele. That’s why I wanted to set up AM1 ? a salon where people can genuinely come in for a free consultation, where they’ll enjoy great service, and, most importantly, where they’ll leave with a fabulous hair style that looks just as good two weeks later as it did the moment they stepped out of the salon.