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“I can honestly say this is some of the best cooked food I have ever eaten! It plays a big part in our community, its a family run and customer focused. The hotpot and chicken pies are to die for! Outside catering and events also play a big part, so go and experience and eat your way through the pantry. Alison, Emily and the team will be happy to see you – highly recommended!”

Right are you ready for this..! Martin & Peter are two of the nicest, down to earth and funny guys I know to date! They’re decent and reliable and play a big part in our community. There family men who from you will receive top class, professional advice and then certainly you to spend a day out at the races of Gouly for advice, you set the picture! Everybody who requires financial advice.. These two are your guys! Highly recommended!

Direct Fresh Fish

Jason brings the best quality fresh fish to your door weekly or whenever you want it! You can even call him and pre order! Excellent quality as I’m a customer, so can highly recommend him!

Stuart Mackenzie Property Services

Stuart is thorough and efficient, his work is excellent! He’s quick and clean and gets the job done!

Stephen W

Stephen works fast and well! One of the best painters I have ever used – 10 years now!!

DW Electrical

David is building his business and growing it fast! He’s done lots of work in our community, highly recommend him. Why not call him for a free, no commitment quotation!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adrian Barnett for over 30 years and you can certainly trust this guy to get the job done. Nothing too big or small.. It will be delivered – Highly recommended!

Berry Antiques

The cutest shop in Longridge! Full of the prettiest things, and if there’s something you want Ellie or Kerry will see if they can keep an eye out for it. Go down and see the shop for yourself.. You will love it!

George Beesley Domestic Gas Services

A family run business whose attention to detail is excellent, quick clean and thorough! Would defiantly recommend this service!