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The Undateables Channel 4 Documentary Series

Anthony has recently had involvement with the 2012 Channel 4 series The Undateables.

The press release below outlines the details of the show, including Anthony’s work styling the hair of Tourette’s Syndrome sufferer, Luke.

Local hairdresser features in new Ch4 documentary series

Anthony Whinn, owner of AM1, the new Fulwood-based hairdressing salon, will be appearing in a new Channel 4 documentary series due to be shown in Spring 2012.

The series follows the fortunes of several individuals with a variety of conditions ranging from Tourette’s Syndrome to autism, as they search for love in the twenty first century. The series focuses on how certain conditions, including the ones featured here, can be a barrier to meeting a potential partner in our image-obsessed, materialistic world where people are quick to judge and slow to accept difference.

As with previous Channel 4 documentaries along similar lines ? think Beauty and the Beast ? the subject is treated insightfully with just the right mix of sensitivity, humor and warmth. Like other dating shows, however, the importance of looking your best isn’t overlooked here and that’s how Anthony became involved with the show. Featured in the episode with Luke who has Tourette’s Syndrome, Anthony was asked to work his magic on Luke’s hair; a challenging procedure as the condition is characterised by involuntary tics that makes the process of hairdressing an interesting one.

?It was a great privilege to be asked to collaborate on the programme?, says Anthony who has previously styled hair for fashion shoots for designers like Vivienne Westwood and John Rocha and high street giants Marks & Spencer. ?Styling Luke’s hair was a demanding, but very satisfying experience for me and one which I hope has had a very positive impact on his prospects of finding a suitable partner.?

Anthony doesn’t know the outcome of Luke’s search and will have to wait like the rest of us to see whether he finds the love of his life.

The episode of The Undateables featuring Anthony will be aired on 3rd April 2012.

Anthony’s years of dedication to his craft have successfully established him as well known name within the industry. His status has opened doors to many wonderful opportunities for the future, including an invitation by the international magazine, Status, to travel to Panama, South America, in 2013 as a guest lecturer to over 10,000 hairdressers.


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